Stage simulation 3D d'exosquelette avec Gazebo

Wandercraft recrute !

À propos

Wandercraft ‘s job is to make wheelchair users walk again. We make real the promises of robotics by providing an ordinary life to extraordinary people.

We have developed the first autonomous exo. In our world premiere clinical trials, persons with paraplegia walked human-like, autonomously and without crutches.

The Wanderteam walks on the edge of robotics. We cooperate with world class university labs and medical centers in Europe and the US.

Our exos will be commercialized to Rehabilitation Centers in 2018. We are working on our next challenge: a personal version that will accompany users in their daily activities.

We received many awards and distinctions and are strongly supported by ambitious investors.

We are scaling up: we are 30 today and expect to be 200 in 3 years. We work in a great office in Paris, France and are preparing to open US, then Asia locations.

Join us to contribute to changing the lives of millions of persons.

You will work in a supportive, fun and agile environment. You will have stunning colleagues, composing one of the best walk robotics teams in the world and chosen because they are selfless team players and not lone geniuses.
Expect to be challenged: we do things that no one has done yet. Expect to have to work fast: we test and learn. Expect to have to aim at perfection: we make advanced technology exos that help mobility impaired persons and impact their health and happiness – not pizza delivery apps.

Expect to get a ‘Wow’ each time you explain your job to your friends.

Descriptif du poste

Wanderbrain is the embedded software that runs the exoskeleton. It is developped in C++ for a multi-threaded real time POSIX environment, and performs all tasks from collecting sensor data, computing walk and motion algorithms in real time to controlling the torque of each motors of the exo.

In order to ensure the safety of the users, we follow strict medical guidelines for software development, using unit testing, continous integration, code reviews, intensive real life testing and simulation.

Testing on real exoskeletons takes a lot of time and requires several people around it. That is why we are using a simulator in order to speed up the development of the algorithms and to improve the overall code quality.
We are currently using the Gazebo physical 3D simulator.

This allows us to play a number of use cases on a virtual robot when testing new code, even before running it on the real prototypes. For now everyone can use it manually on their computer to debug their code. The goal of this internship is to push this further and automatize the scenarios to be played in the continuous integration server. This will allow us to validate new code by checking that all the use cases of the exo (standing up/down, walking, balancing etc) works with multiple types of patients.

At the cross-roads between the control team and the embedded software team, you will be responsible for improving the simulator and implementing the api to perform automatic testing, implementing the scenarios and configuring the CI server (gitlab).

The bonus goal is to be able to see in real time the 3D rendering of the pipeline on a TV in the open space.

Your main tasks will be for example:

  • Improving the gazebo plugin in C++
  • Implementing tools to configure the simulation (choosing patients, initial configuration of the world according to the scenario etc).
  • Implement the api to control the simulation automatically via scripts (Python preferred)
  • Adapting Wanderbrain code for the simulation (improving the architecture etc), meaning that sometimes you will be able to test your code on the exo.
  • Configure the continuous integration for running validation and non regression tests
  • Documenting your work and training people to use the simulator
  • Participate in our internal testing (inside the exosekeleton).

Profil recherché

Internship for end of engineering or computer science school. (BAC +5, 6 months).

Both creative and rigorous, you love to work in a team of experts in very different domains, and you know how to share your knowledge and experience with your colleagues. You are passionate about robotics and have a natural gift for programming. Ideally you already participated in group projects in C++ and/or Python, like IOT, robotics or video game project. You have already used continuous integration or even better you configured some.

Knowing Gazebo/ROS is a bonus.
You want to have a role in a very ambitious technological project, with a really human objective. And you want to see from the inside how a real robot is made.

Process de recrutement

Technical interview (both orally and on paper) checking your basic knowledge of:

  • C++ and Object Oriented Programming
  • Python
  • Linux environment
  • Compilation
  • Git
  • Sensors
  • Real time systems
  • Notions in physics and mathematics.
  • Gazebo /ROS if applicable.

Personnality and motivation interview.

Informations complémentaires

  • Type de contrat : Stage (3 à 6 mois)
  • Date de début : 02 juillet 2018
  • Lieu : Paris, France (75017)
  • Niveau d'études : Bac +5 / Master
  • Salaire : 1000€ / mois