(F/H) R&D Machine Learning Engineer

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Wandercraft provides equal employment opportunities (EEO) to all employees and applicants for employment without regard to color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age or disability.

After raising €40M at the end of 2021, the leader in walking robotics is starting a new phase of international growth.

Our goal: to restore the ability to stand and walk to people with reduced mobility. We are realizing the promise of robotics to offer ordinary lives to extraordinary people. To do this, we have created Atalante, the walking exoskeleton that enables paraplegic or hemiplegic people to walk again. Used for locomotor rehabilitation in hospitals, Atalante is the first exoskeleton in the world capable of generating its own balance, without its wearer having to stabilize himself with crutches. With it, every day, patients get up from a wheelchair and walk inFrance, in Europe and in the United States.
Building on the lessons learned from Atalante, we are developing a personal exoskeleton that will allow people to regain their autonomy at home, in the street, in their daily lives... With this personal version, Wandercraft aims to change millions of people's lives for the better.

This unique project is carried out by a team united around a mutual goal: improve the daily life of people with reduced mobility. We are working in a kind, fun and agile environment. Each member of the Wanderteam brings effervescence and passion to take this state-of-the-art medical robotics device to the next level.

From the very heart of Paris, we are collaborating with the best university laboratories and leading medical teams, in Europe and in the USA. We have built a working environment that is motivating and rewarding on a personal and technical level.

We are looking for talents who are enthusiastic, passionate, creative but above all like-minded: abiding by the highest standards, honest and committed to everything you do. Expect to be challenged: we are creating things that nobody has ever done before. Expect to have to work hard and fast: we are testing and learning as we go. Expect to aim for perfection: after all, we are breaking ground with high technology exoskeletons.

Are you ready to push the limits?

Job Description

Wandercraft is developping the next-generation exoskeleton for personal use. It will allow users with disabilities to stand-up and walk at home and outdoors. The exoskeleton will provide safe, self-balanced, hand-free locomotion.

Reinforcement learning has shown tremendous successes over the last years. Legged robots start to benefit from these advances. This led to the following impressive results:

As a member of the Dynamic Walk team, you will be developping Reinforcement Learning algorithms to achieve the extreme walk robustness needed for the personal exoskeleton. It will support:

  • Walking on slopes and uneven ground
  • Reacting to the disturbances provoked by the user's moves
  • Restoring balance in case of strong external pushes

Your daily activities will include:

  • Develop simulation tools (C++/Python)
  • Increase simulation realism
  • Improve our reinforcement learning framework
  • Train reinforcement learning algorithms (C++/Python)
  • Implement embedded algorithms for the exoskeleton (C++)
  • Test and tune algorithms on the exoskeleton in representative setups
  • Participate in code reviews
  • Brainstorm with the team about ways to improve our robust control algorithms

Preferred Experience

You are proactive and rigorous. You can make relevant propositions, and coordinate with the team. You can adapt to changes of priorities. You like to analyse data and dwelve into problems, until you identify the root cause of the issue.

You want to work in a stimulating environment, surrounded by brilliant engineers. You want to share your knowledge and learn from others.

Persevering and result-oriented, you benchmark your algorithms with tests in simulation and on real exoskeleton prototypes.

You understand that you will be working on a medical device, which must provide a high level of quality and safety to our users.

Required skills

  • C++/Python programming: Expert
  • Rigid-body kinematics and dynamics: Expert
  • Machine learning: Expert
  • Reinforcement learning: Expert
  • Strong background in mathematics

The following skills are a plus:

  • Control theory
  • Optimization (QP, non-linear problems)
  • Bipedal robotics

Recruitment Process

Technical interviews on the following topics: robotics, rigid-body kinematics and dynamics, control theory, programming in Python and C++, machine learning, optimization.

Wandercraft Cultural Fit interview after having passed the technical interviews.

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Additional Information

  • Contract Type: Full-Time
  • Location: Paris
  • Education Level: Master's Degree
  • Possible partial remote