Control Command R&D Engineer

Wandercraft is hiring!


Wandercraft develops a lower limb exoskeleton for the walking impaired. We want to allow people to rise from their wheelchair and be able to go wherever they desire.
We have started by developing an exoskeleton that will be used within rehab centers to provide natural walk to paraplegic people. Our exoskeleton will provide the balance of the full system, unlike current exoskeletons that rely on crutches used by the user.

Wandercraft has raised more than 5M€ since inception in late 2012 for its development and has developed strong ties with outstanding scientific partners such as CAS Mines Paris Tech, LAAS-CNRS or University of Michigan.

Job Description

Within a rapidly growing start-up, you will contribute to the development of the exoskeleton features : walk, stand still, stand-up & sit-down, transfer position from a wheel chair, obstacle crossing and more. Optimised trajectory generation, stabilisation, tracking, controler and state observer design will be on your daily to-do. To perform those, you will rely on current tools and develop new ones according to the team's needs. Once validated in simulation, you will be in charge of implementation within the real-time framework running on Wandercraft's prototypes. You will take into account the data the sensors can provide and process them as necessary

You will be part of the "Control Command" team, along with other PhDs and engineers gathering a wide variety of skills. You will work hand in hand with th other teams (mecanical design, mecatronics) in order to build the best exoskeleton available on the market - using the latest advance from dynamic robotics.

Your main activities will be:

  • Designing strategies and algorithm adapted to the exoskeleton's features
  • Assessing simulation results & performance - especially robustness, efficiency
  • Implementing your work on Atalante, Wandercraft's exoskeleton
  • Writing specifications for the other teams within Wandercraft
  • Participating in user testing

Preferred Experience

Both rigorous and creative, you are efficient at working within a team. You value an intellectually stimulating environment, both because you like to learn from others and to give back insights of your own. We will especially be interested in candidates that can bring to the table skills & expertise usefull for Wandercraft's products that are not yet in the team.

You enjoy working on an extremely innovative product and confronting your ideas to real-life problems as observed on our prototype. You can explain your choices and back them with scientific arguments, even with people that do not share your background. You like to work within an agile small structure (20 to 30 persons) and can adapt to fast and unpredictable changes in priorities and goals.

This post is particularly adapted to candidates wishing to enter a dynamic team focused on technological development of a complex & multi disciplinary product within a fast growing startup.

Recruitment Process

Different interviews with members of the team, some including technical tests.

Additional Information

  • Contract Type: Full-Time
  • Location: Paris, France (75004)
  • Education Level: PhD and more
  • Experience: > 2 years